About ANEW Tea Emporium & Contact Us

Anew is an educational retail facility.  We pride ourselves in educating the community on the health benefits of loose leaf specialty teas, extra-virgin olive oils, and fine aged balsamic vinegars.  Whether it is a tea class, an individual sampling, or community event, we share the benefits and love of our products while promoting a healthier lifestyle for our customers. 

Anew means “again and again”, and our Celtic Butterfly represents “rebirth, repurpose, refurbish”, both representing our mission of “Leading our customer to a healthier lifestyle and assisting in a healthier environment through refurbishing and repurposing.” See how we began and grew!



Contact Anew Tea Emporium:

E: info@anewteaantiques.com
P: 715-201-1111

Located downtown Shawano, Wisconsin

103 S. Main St
Shawano, WI 54166