Our Teas

Tea is old. Thousands of years old. At Anew Tea Emporium & Antiques we carry on this tradition of health, wisdom and comfort.  Find the merits of a good cup of tea with us.

Blend, Brew and start Anew. 

We feature over seventy varieties of loose leaf specialty teas along with a spa line of fifteen teas. The knowledgeable staff at Anew dedicate themselves to customer support about all things tea, from the incredible good taste of tea blends, health benefits of tea,history of loose leaf tea, as well as, expert advise on hot and cold brewing. Consumers are tired of the "tea bag mentality" where the taste and quality of tea is sacrificed for the convenience of the tea bag.  Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, after water, and has grown leaps and bounds in the US market in the last decade.